ZenZero Electronics is a brand new maker of guitar pedals and other electronics for guitar. Our name has a double meaning – whether you read it in Japanese or Italian – summing up the double nationality of our products, handmade in Tokyo by an Italian dude. In Japanese the name is the combination of two kanji that also make up our logo. They are the kanji for Zen (meaning “all”) and Zero, meaning… well, zero. So it’s all and nothing, alpha and omega. Of course, you could just read the pronunciation and think that I have “Zero Zen”, which would be true. In fact I’m as far from a Zen master as you can get. But I digress. In Italian, “zenzero” means “ginger”, a nice spice liked by many people. My wife loves it. Me… I like ginger ale. Still I think it’s a cool name. Hope you like it too.

My main design philosophies are three.

  • One: easy to use. I don’t want to give players thousands of options they will never use, but just the stuff that’s really needed. All the sonic complicacies should be hidden under the hood.
  • Two: balance between design and function. I will never compromise functionality over design but I still want the stuff I make to be pleasing to the eye.
  • Three: NO RUBBISH NONSENSE*. We have no fairy dust or magical diodes here at ZenZero and we will never charge you more for something that doesn't guarantee you better sound and/or functionality.

*I had to reword this because Facebook thought it was offensive, but you get the idea.