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Listen, I like building pedals. I like heavy metal. But I suck at writing copy. All you really need to know is that this pedal is really heavy. It's face melting. That's it. But please feel free to read on if you want some more details.

I didn't make the Habu to emulate any specific amp, or other pedal. It got bits and pieces from heavy pedals that precedes it, but I think I put together enough ideas and tweaking to call this an original design.
MOSFETs play a crucial part in the crunch of the pedal, but many other elements come into the cascading gain stages necessary to give you a great distortion in a clean amp. On top of the MOSFETs, I used clipping diodes, clipping LEDs, op-amps and NPN transistors.
I also put much care in the 3-band EQ. The MIDs are isolated from BASS and TREBLE to be more effective and versatile.

The Habu is hand-built in Tokyo using only top of the line components. All old-school through-hole technology, inside a semi-gloss black powder coated aluminum enclosure decorated with an extremely durable silver silk-screen print depicting part of an Habu, the pit viper from Okinawa.

-     Handmade in Tokyo, Japan by an Italian guy.
-     Use only quality components with strict tolerances. I source locally whenever possible, but I’m happy to use proven international top of the line components whenever needed.
-     True bypass by way of a 3PDT switch.
-     Top jacks save precious space on your pedalboard.
-     Controls: GAIN/DIST (distortion) - VOLUME (output volume) - BASS/MID/TREBLE (3-band eq)
-     Power: 9V standard negative center power supply ONLY. No battery connection available inside.
-     ECO: when active it consumes under 10mA of current!
-     Dimensions: 122(D) × 85(W) × 51(H) mm
-     Weight: 328g
-     Download the manual in PDF