One Knob Pony - MOSFET pre-amp/booster

"Swiss Army Knife of booster goodness. Simplicity, broad function, great tones. Win, win and win again." - Brett Kingman

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Introducing the ZenZero Electronics’ “One Knob Pony”, a MOSFET boost/additional pre-amp stage handmade in Tokyo by an Italian guy. This first version of the pedal is built around a PCB but with lots of hand-wiring and sweat put into it.

I use it with a tube amp on the verge of breakup to push it anywhere I want, from a slight clean boost to massive distortion.  Despite having just one knob, you will find the thing incredibly versatile.

The pedal has a massive boost of over 32db. The cleanliness of the boost will depend greatly on your guitar pickups output, your guitar volume control and on the way you play, as the pedal tends to react similarly to a tube preamp– but with the grittiness necessary to be placed in front of your real tube amp.

The big knob controls volume and gain in the way you would expect a non-master volume amp to react. It crackles a bit when turned, but as a wise man once told me, “crackle is okay”. The “G” switch is the gain switch and it gives you three gain structures, from clean to almost fuzzy, passing from a nice overdrive. The “LC” and the “HC” switches control the low cut and hi cut filters: the boost is in fact completely transparent if you want it to, but you can use these switches to shape it to your liking, cutting out the flabby lows and taming the highs if needed.

  • Handmade in “sunny” Tokyo - Japan, with Italian sensitivity.
  • Use only quality components with strict tolerances. I source locally whenever possible (see the heavy duty foot switch), but I’m happy to use proven international top of the line components whenever needed (like Switchcraft jacks).
  • True bypass by way of a best quality 3PDT.
  • Original MOSFET based design.
  • Safe to use with feet! The big knob and the three switches are easily activated with your feet. Awesome for those of us with backaches from carrying that late ‘70s Les Paul Custom with love.
  • Power: 9V standard negative center power supply or 9V battery.
  • ECO: when active it consumes only 3.5 mA of current and when in bypass mode less than 1 mA!
  • Dimensions: 87(D) × 115(W) × 66(H)mm
  • Weight: 357g (excluding battery)
  • Art by ricCarlo Destefani
  • Download the PDF manual